The cult of Walmart

The cult

Being part of the Cult, consists of being recruited a member of the cult, as a person who can be trusted to assume responsibilities and fulfill all or almost all the things requested.

Depending on the position you hold and the person you are most attached to, any position can be attractive and can be so different from any previous Walmart experience you’ve had in almost any retail sector that you feel is being chosen. for great things.

Along with morning meetings and being constantly told by your recruiter, management, and the general public how much you mean as an individual to the company, you feel an inclusion that is hard to describe. Before the end of each meeting, the feeling comes close to being accepted into a religious organization or sorority, and when you are accepted, somehow you begin to sincerely believe that what they tell you is that you belong to a new family. “The Walmart Family” Start to believe that “The Walmart Way” is the best, the only one.

I did not see it happen and I begin to correlate past experiences with this new and empowered way of working. I’m sure I felt something then that most typical retail employees rarely feel. A sense of power.
As the brainwashing continued, I found myself embracing a number of practices that are not really acceptable according to written company policy, but known to members as unwritten rules that everyone must follow without question or concern.

I found myself accepting the unacceptable. Policies and procedures that were simply common sense didn’t mean anything soon. Even when I complained about something that was happening or went to the office looking for information, or asked why, you eventually accepted that in the end it was how it should be and still felt that one day I would get the recognition and position that I really deserved.

Depending on your vision of what a job is, you may find yourself accepting or doing things to please the management that has been so good to you.

I found that rarely, if ever, did he say anything that might offend anyone. Situations that would normally be questionable to me, even according to Walmart company policy or my own moral beliefs, became acceptable.
Things like gender discrimination or favoritism become acceptable and somehow I knew inside that mentioning it as unfair would label me as a problem.

This, in turn, would make the person or manager who was so good to me hurt and unhappy, think or even suggest that it is what it is.

I found that it was not difficult to accept and believe that it was all for my own good. I started to believe that the company would never want to mistreat or discriminate against anyone, even when it looked like this. He believed that the reasons or concerns he had, whatever they were, were being handled in a justifiable way and it was all for the good of the family.

Once I became a member in good faith, the procedure continued and changed occasionally to suit my position within the cult.

The inclusion, the confidentiality of different situations became paramount for my position within the cult.

If at any point I became a nonconformist or challenged my immediate supervisor, I realized that I would step aside immediately and report my conduct and how I should proceed to repair any damage I inflicted on the cult. Everything was done in a very enriching way and during this type of situation I was informed how it would be now and I was always expected to behave in the future.

It is when the situation becomes personal and changes the real way a person views life, which simulates brainwashing.

It is when one person recruits another and has no reason to do so other than their position within the cult that it is not normal. When the only reward is that the position of the person within the cult will be higher because the person knows what they are doing and what is correct according to Walmart.
Once you have entered the state of being truly brainwashed, all situations that are accepted by the cult as justifiable are also accepted personally.

My personal experience has resulted with the internal conflict that occurs when mentally trying to accept “The Walmart Way” about biological family members and numerous co-workers who have had situations that require one to take sides.

All problems due to a series of internal or external situations that arise seem to activate an automatic defense system. Doing anything other than this would cause one to be rejected by the cult and cause the members to inflict mental strain and stress on the person who does not conform to what is considered part of their responsibility to the company as an associate.

There is a psychological aspect of being a Walmart associate that you don’t really find a special job code.