Student Accommodation Near the University of Southampton

Student Accommodation Near the University

When it comes to student accommodation near the University of Southampton, there is plenty to choose from. You will find everything from independent studios designed specifically for students to shared communal spaces where students can build a sense of community with their fellow residents. Most of these student apartments in Southampton are located within a comfortable walking distance from the University so you can save money on travel and spend more time getting to know your classmates.

Whether you want to live in a brand new purpose built student flat or a traditional shared house, you can be sure that the property you book will be safe and secure. You will be given a key card to enter your apartment and the door will be monitored by CCTV to ensure that only genuine students can enter. Most of the student properties in Southampton also feature security cameras and alarm systems in case you need to leave home for any reason.

Are there any discounts available for Southampton student accommodation near the University of Southampton? As a student, you will be entitled to lots of great discounts if you have a NUS card. Many student property companies offer NUS discount cards which can save you up to 10% on your rent and a wide range of other goods and services too. You can find more information about these NUS discount cards on the Student Discounts page.

Student Accommodation Near the University of Southampton

Southampton is a really forward-thinking city with fantastic Southampton student accommodation to choose from. You can opt for beautiful studio apartments, cosy shared flats or even stunning houses in some of the most popular student areas, like Polygon, Ocean Village and Weston. Many of these student rooms for rent are in the heart of the action, close to shops, cafes and restaurants. You will also have access to a huge range of transport links, including the train station at Southampton Central and bus routes from First Southampton, Bluestar, Xelabus and Wheelers.

Many students choose to rent apartments or houses located off-campus. This option provides more independence, flexibility, and freedom to choose the desired location and living arrangements. Off-campus rentals offer a wide range of options, from studio apartments to shared houses, allowing students to customize their living environment. However, students should consider factors such as proximity to campus, transportation options, and the responsibility of managing utilities and maintenance.

With increasing environmental consciousness, sustainability has become a significant consideration in student accommodation. Many accommodation providers are adopting eco-friendly practices, such as energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, recycling programs, and sustainable construction materials. These initiatives not only reduce environmental impact but also instill environmentally responsible values in students. Sustainable living practices within student accommodation contribute to the larger goal of creating a more sustainable future.

In homestays, students live with local families as paying guests. This option provides a unique cultural experience and an opportunity to practice the local language. It can foster a sense of belonging and provide additional support, particularly for international students.

If you’re looking for student accommodation that’s a little bit closer to Solent, then check out Orion Point. It’s a 10-minute walk or short bus journey and offers a mixture of ensuite rooms and 2-bedroom flats with private studios. There are also lovely communal areas with comfy seats, TVs and pin pong tables where you can relax with your friends.

Another option is Vincent Place, which has a mix of both en suite rooms and studio apartments with lovely shared living spaces. This student flat in Southampton is a short bus ride from Solent and is close to shopping at WestQuay, where you can use your NUS card for lots of discounts.

You will also find student homes in Southampton in the suburbs of the city, such as Bassett, Portswood and Shirley. Many of these are also within a short bus or taxi ride from the university. Some of the properties include amenities such as a gym and cinema room.