Explore the collection of exclusive children’s clothing and accessories

It was in the early 1970s that the Garnet Hill Company, founded by Grant and Pegge Dowse, launched their small business with a small shipment of English flannel sheets in New Hampshire, USA, while the country was caught in the middle of a financial crisis. . These sheets sold out because their warmth helped reduce many heating bills in the city. Slowly the business grew and the highlight of its stock was the natural fiber merchandise. His business flourished with the then new concept of the mail order catalogue.

Garnet Hill’s retail outlets are a one-stop shop for home goods, linens, bedding, children’s clothing, footwear and accessories. Customers have the option to purchase Garnet Hill products that have just gone out of style, as well as discontinued and overstocked items at Garnet-Hill Firsts and Seconds stores at 75% off catalog prices.

It is also possible to order a birthday present for your child or loved ones, wrapped in signature boxes along with a personalized card inscribed with your message to the address you specify.

There are beautifully woven sheets, cotton percale bedding, colorful bath towels, children’s room accessories, rugs and furniture that can be ordered in each boy’s and girl’s favorite colors for their own special room.

The children’s section includes all the necessities for newborns up to 14-year-olds. There is a wide selection of beachwear, nightwear, school bags and other accessories, shoes, children’s small pieces of jewelry, etc.

In case you are not satisfied with any purchased product, the company is willing to return it by refund or exchange. Create a mailing ID on the Garnet Hill website and proceed to request a catalog that will be mailed to you at no cost.