Where Pokémon Go lovers should avoid going

Pokemon GO is the fever this year and has taken over the entire world. The countries where the game is not released are struggling to find ways to somehow connect with the Pokémon mania. If you don’t know what it is yet, maybe you need to be better informed because you wouldn’t want to sound like an alien. It’s like one of those times when it seems like everyone else is talking about Pokémon GO. It has become part of many news and even church meetings. There have also been benefits and accidents.

Whether you are completely obsessed with playing Pokemon GO or intend to play it in the near future, there are a few places you should avoid when playing. Here is a guide to these places.

1. Stay away from memorials

Sometimes it’s just not right to follow the crowd and do what everyone is doing. This is true for playing Pokémon GO. Even when logic tries to justify that it is completely fine to go to the memorials and search for the Pokémon, you should trust your conscience and avoid doing so. Don’t forget why memorials are built in the first place. There are many other places where Pokemons can be easily hunted, stick to them. Avoid memorials no matter what. You never know how many feelings it would end up hurting.

2. Get away from safety

You would be surprised to hear this, but many players ended up in police stations while playing. If you really don’t want to end up behind bars, stay away from the security officers because they are busy looking for some real life criminals. They would care little about your obsession with Pokémon. Above all, many police officers have no idea what this latest fad is and you could end up in big trouble if you come to a police station looking for these creatures that don’t exist for them.

3. Respect the museums

Museums are no longer boring for people. That’s because Pokémon lovers have brought museums to life. This is not due to his love of history or culture. The entrance to the museum is simply for the simple fact of looking for Pokémon.

However, no matter how much his madness has taken hold, there are people who are doing some serious searching in museums. You must respect that. Museums are places of peace and quiet and destroying that can be very disrespectful. Keep your Pokémon love in places that are safer for you, like local parks and neighborhoods.

Because it’s connected to your phone, you could end up ruining something in a museum. This is a disgrace that no one would want to wait for. Since it is difficult to keep track of your steps, it is best not to play when entering a museum.