Stairmaster Stepmill Vs Treadmill

Many people want to know what is the difference in training between the Stairmaster treadmill and the treadmill.

To be honest, before I was asked this question, I was always a treadmill guy, I didn’t even know what a treadmill was until I did more research on this exercise machine.

First, a treadmill brings tradition, most people know or have worked on a treadmill. This is an advantage for the companies that sell this fitness machine.

That’s where I think the advantages of treadmill vs treadmill end.

Given the chance, I think the Stairmaster treadmill rivals or beats traditional treadmills in every category if you’re looking for a good, low-impact cardio workout.

People who run or walk on treadmills will also enjoy using the treadmill because they are climbing stairs and not banging their feet on a treadmill.

They both give you fantastic cardio workouts, although I think the stepmill gives more of a workout for all the major leg muscles.

Both machines can be used by average gym goers as well as high level athletes.

Both provide a series of digital information data about your workout on the LCD screen, such as speed and calories burned.

The treadmill may seem easier to use because you are more familiar with the look of the treadmill, but the treadmill is just as easy to use.

Using the stepmill, simply get on the virtual ladder and hit the quick start button and choose your speed, between 24 and 162 steps per minute.

Both give you pre-programmed workouts as well as manual training capability.

So really the difference between a Stairmaster Stepmill treadmill and a treadmill will ultimately come down to personal choice. I tended to lean towards the treadmill because I had some knee injuries and the treadmill often makes my lower back and knees sore after an extensive workout.

I didn’t experience that with the treadmill, they both gave me fantastic cardio workouts and I would generally alternate using the treadmill 3-4 times a week and the treadmill maybe once a week.