Perfume as a metaphor for life

I am not alone in this difficult time as others like me continue to struggle in our daily existence. We juggle our bills wondering who will send the closing notice and who will take it a month if your payment doesn’t arrive.

It was under these conditions that I received a rare invitation to attend a charity dinner for the homeless, which I found a bit ironic to learn that if it weren’t for my generous landlady, I would have found myself on the receiving end of such generosity. .

It had been months since I had an excuse to indulge in all the things that make me a “girly girl” and with joy I was perfecting my appearance. When my gaze was complete, I searched for a favorite perfume that I had avidly accumulated due to its sublime fragrance purchased long ago in a time when money was plentiful.

You must understand that this was not just any perfume. I have always been very picky about any fragrance, finding that most of what is available, even in the best stores, at any price, is disgusting and disgusting, but this one was different. Not only did I adore the smell of this perfume, but something about its scent brought me extreme satisfaction and a sense of well-being. Feelings that I had denied myself the pleasure of for some time because I did not know when I would have the money to replace the precious elixir once it was spent.

With that said, you can imagine my disappointment when I went to inhale the delicious scent of my perfume only to find that it had been so long since I had indulged in her experience that it had become stale and less than I craved.

I would have been very wrong to think that I had protected this possession to the point of jeopardizing its chemistry, but I had to smile and shrug to think how similar this was to life.

Instead of enjoying them, there are things that we hold on to in life out of fear that they will never happen again or that we will lose them or never have the opportunity to visit them again. These things can be not only possessions, but also opportunities, rare occasions, or associations. In fact, they could even include emotions and how we greedily hold our feelings within ourselves without acknowledging that these things must be accepted and sometimes shared because nothing is forever and why deny yourself the pleasure of what can be? experiment now?

I learned a valuable lesson from my perfume and to recognize the importance of living in the moment, enjoying now because either you or he may not exist tomorrow. Do what you like today! Bake that cake, hug that kid, walk that dog, watch that movie, and of course wear your perfume before it’s too late!