Moral armor on predatory pregnancy

We constantly hear of crackdowns on “dead dads,” but the issue of how they originate often remains hidden and deserves a serious light: dead mothers.

Imagine if a toy company put out a realistic product for Christmas that would make kids scream, “I want the baby to waste his life! It comes with a workbook and legal pack on how to lie, how to sue, how to apply for welfare. , the various addictions that I will employ when it explodes in my face and all the excuses I will need to explain why my life is not my responsibility. ” Why are girls given dolls when we all know what a mess a baby really is to a girl? Why scandalize us, when we are not prepared for constructive dreams, is that what they choose?

Motherhood has always been interpreted as an irreproachable moral symbol, which is why, in a panic, some women go straight for its cover. The truth is, it has little moral value (anyone on I-75 at rush hour knows there is little risk of the race running out). Babies are not the last frontier, although they do serve as a mask for those driven by fear. By failing to comply with life, his objective is twofold: to have his livelihood assured, to force a man into a position in which he must maintain it, and second, to dispose of his productive years in an orderly fashion.

There are certain standards of living that no one has the right to affect, including your spouse. First is your purpose in life. Second, there is the choice of rewards for your own effort, of which she too is an extension. Catching a spouse is one of the worst long-term acts of malice, permanently affecting many. Pregnancy in this case is a compulsive attempt to take her life energy and expend it on its own clumsy course of destruction: if she is willing to derail her life, she does not care what happens to her and it is only the beginning: the advice of the iceberg. .

To encourage this, the woman is given a clear legal pattern for a man’s transgression. A man must fund the effort, regardless of what a woman does to conceive. When deception has no legal relevance, there is a serious bias for evil to flourish. Among these cases, this is the kind of insanity he manifests: a woman sneaks into a bedroom at a party, has sex with an unconscious stranger, has a baby, sues him for support, and wins. In another, a nurse caresses a hospital patient, inseminates herself in the bathroom, has a baby, sues him for support, and wins. Theoretically, a woman could break into a sperm bank, inseminate a dead millionaire, then sue her estate for support and our courts would compel it. There are countless cases of equally stupid but more conventional deception, which is all predation, period. Such a woman believes that the state of motherhood is beyond all moral question and, backed by our courts, is free to commit any atrocity to achieve it. What are our legal guardians thinking? I wouldn’t trust such a judge to preside over a toaster: fraud is a serious crime. The legal and moral response to secure values ​​through fraud in any other area is time and restitution, but in this case, the penalties are reserved for the victim.

Only one reason causes a woman to violate the sanctity of her romantic relationship: it is not sacred to her. Social dysfunction is based on cognitive dysfunction. A woman who wants a child with or without a solid relationship does not respect the need for a father in her children’s lives. She is perfectly willing to let them feel the rejection and emptiness conjured up when a parent leaves, along with its complex psychological implications. She designs the heartache in their lives and conveys a bad pattern for human relationships, which will likely perpetuate itself. She doesn’t know how to have a healthy relationship; she does not respect basic human rights and will not be able to convey that respect. If you try to step in and make a difference, you are legally chained to a neurotic who has no obligation to act rationally, but has all the power to override his and continue to run wild in the attempt at moral validation of his own illness. He cannot defend the child from the fickleness, malice and evil of the world when it comes from his own mother. He is forced to work with her as an equal, someone whose actions would cause her to be fired or imprisoned under any other circumstance.

Our judicial confusion with moral responsibility effectively means that this difficult situation is led by a group of frightened teenagers. Keeping them without a standard of right and wrong simply allows their pattern to continue uninterrupted. Our nonsensical legal solution is to provide sacrificial charity squeezed out of an unwitting contributor, and in response, the girls behave as any welfare recipient would. When sustenance comes from an outside source that one does not need to understand, one is free to play crazy. Nine times out of ten, if you knew you couldn’t get away with it, it would never happen.

Couples should plan for the fact that no birth control method is 100% effective, and the choice of whether or not to have children and when is not outside the authority of the court to recognize. A breach of trust is the basis of any legal claim, and it is the court’s obligation to determine innocence and reward her to determine guilt and punish her, or in this case, award her nothing.

Still, we hear “If you didn’t want to have children, you shouldn’t have had sex.” If couples have sex twice a week during the course of a twenty-year relationship that results in two children, sex was had 0.001% of the time to childbearing. The other 99.999% of the time, it was because of sex. Do we see bikini models and think lustfully about diapers? Does a woman see a beautiful boy and think of a minivan and a fat ass? SEX IS AN END IN ITSELF. If not, then it is a form of prostitution. Unplanned pregnancy is no longer an irreversible disease impossible to defy, and if one of the members of the couple changes the rules, it is not necessary to divert the lives of both. Each new option offered by our medical advances raises the obligation of those involved to keep their word, and it is time that the courts recognized this.

There are enough people on the planet; surely there is room for justice. If men could choose not to do it from the start, their pattern would be broken. If you violate your vows as a wife or partner, you may face the consequences alone. Like welfare reform, she would take responsibility for herself and weigh her options more carefully. If you reject abortion on supposedly moral grounds, you will have to face what its principles cost.

A man often can’t help but ask, “How can I fight this? What are people going to think? What woman will want me if I fight?” I say to them that it is the opposite. It is immoral to turn around when you are attacked. Only the subhuman, wishing to reserve the possibility of acting in the same way, would despise you for it. You don’t waste your life sleeping with a woman. If it is not treated as an equal in joint decisions, it tends to slavery. When the consideration is abandoned for you, you must stop considering it too or be consumed. You will discover that by fighting insincerity, life will reveal to you a better class of women and a more elegant lifestyle. Eliminate your losses and find a partner who deals with sincerity, and nothing else will matter.

Relationships and parenting are too important to be handled haphazardly. A man has the right to expect the conditions that he finds that will lead him to be a good companion and father, conditions of fulfillment, security and honor, and he has the right to withhold his resources until he finds them. It is the responsibility of each person to find a mutually agreeable partner, together to develop a stable environment, and to take the next step when they both wish. Children should be the product of love, trust, mutual respect, and solid progression in life, not fraud, contempt, and aimlessness. Waiting for the right moment, our future children will receive much more spiritually than an exhausted and unhappy parent could share.

Beautiful families are the product of joint planning by husband and wife; they are never born of malice. Strong laws would restore the moral and financial confidence that all men deserve, and we could see both sexes achieve wealth and happiness through rational means. Until then, the risk remains, so deny control to those whose vision and ambition is no greater than lies, diapers, and soap operas. Denying control to those whose ambitions exceed that, only possible with the means of others.

The world is full of Spirit Murderers who will try to take control of your energy and use it to pacify their own madness. For all men, an unwanted pregnancy is seen as an immediate threat to our survival and our control over it, which is why the leading cause of death for pregnant women is homicide. Perhaps when the worst of your gender stop trying to catch us, the worst of us will stop killing you.

Copyright 2005 Ronald Springer