Lose weight to avoid annoying leg chafing

When you are overweight, even moderately, your legs can become irritated from rubbing while walking. It is uncomfortable and can actually be painful at times. If weight is the cause, you will need to lose weight to prevent annoying leg chafing from rubbing your legs raw. There are some healthy and effective diets that will increase your metabolism, which in turn will help you lose weight at a faster rate.

Being overweight is not the only cause of leg chafing. Anything you do that causes the skin to rub against the skin repeatedly can cause chafing. If you feel like you need to lose weight and the rub is due to your weight, you can apply talcum powder or baby powder in the meantime, until you lose enough weight to remove the rub.

You may also want to keep wearing only cotton until you lose weight and if you plan to walk, or even go out and run errands where you will be walking, dab some petroleum jelly on the inner thighs before you leave to protect it. your legs from the friction that occurs when your legs repeatedly rub each other.

Another thing you can use is zinc oxide. You can apply a little before you plan to walk and after. Of course, the best thing you can do is lose weight to stop those pesky leg chafing and you can start making some pretty simple changes to your diet today. You may need to lose a bit of weight before starting any type of heavy exercise program that requires you to move your legs, which in turn will irritate the chafing.

You may want to try leg squats and twists at the waist and even do some strength training. Strength training doesn’t necessarily mean lifting 100 pounds. You can try doing push-ups or pushing yourself away from a wall, or lifting 5-10 pounds of weight, which will increase your muscles and the muscles will burn fat. After you start losing weight, you can start a cardio program to really burn the fat.