Last trend! Metal Accent Tiles for Balancing Backsplash

These days more and more people are keeping up with the trend of using metal tile as decorative tile in their backsplash. They are unique, attractive and easy to install; in fact, anyone with DIY skills can install them. Aside from their charm, decorative metal tiles are also quite easy to maintain. Like other things around the house, you will eventually need to clean the metal tiles to make them look like new.

You can use different types of maintenance and care for metal decorative tiles, depending on the type of metal tile you have and the effect you want. For example, copper can stain when exposed to moisture and air, unless you seal it. However, there are some people who prefer this type of aging. Others want their metal backsplashes to look as shiny as the day they were installed. Iron metal decorative tiles will rust if you don’t take care of them regularly. If you want to keep the iron flawless, you must seal it and clean it.

Metal tile sealing

There are only two types of metal tile that need to be sealed: copper tile and iron tile. Sealing the decorative metal tile to the backsplash will help protect the metal finish and prevent rust that will eventually occur as the surface acts on moisture in the air. As mentioned, iron will rust and, in the case of copper, it will darken and acquire a patina.

You can prevent this from happening by using a reliable solvent-based sealer. You can spray or brush it over the metal tile and it will create a barrier to prevent moisture from passing through the decorative metal backsplash tile. However, be sure to cover the entire surface of the tile because even a small area that is not treated will rust.

Cleaning the metal tile

You can clean most metal tiles with dish soap and warm water. Wash them with a microfiber cloth, making sure to rinse them well so there are no stains.

Do not use soap and water on decorative metal backsplash tiles that are made of stainless steel. Instead, use a cleaner suitable for stainless steel. Apply with a dry, lint-free cloth, and be sure to do it carefully as stainless steel tiles are easily scratched.

For copper, you have a few options, unless you’ve sealed the surface. You can allow metal tiles to age and simply clean them regularly with soap and water. You can also use a copper cleaner if you want your decorative metal backsplash tiles to stay shiny. However, patina copper tiles have a clear coat protection, so it won’t do any good if you apply a copper cleaner to them. Instead, stick to soap and water to keep them clean.

Special care must be taken with titanium tiles, even if they are only titanium in color. Never use soap and water on them. Instead, make a solution of equal parts water and vinegar, and then dab it on the tiles with a clean, dry cloth to keep them shiny and clean.

Remove stains

Stainless steel tiles can still end up with blemishes caused by hard water deposits. In these cases, the tiles tend to look unsightly, but these blemishes are fairly easy to remove. Create a paste using water and baking soda or water and borax. Apply to the entire surface with a cloth, rinse with lukewarm water, and then wipe with a dry cloth. Do not rub too hard so as not to scratch the decorative metal tiles for the backsplash.