Interview with the co-author of "Wellness orgasms: the fun way to live well and die healthy"


During a recent (May 2015) speaking and consulting tour of various companies and institutions in the United States, Australian scholar, scholar, and business philosopher Dr. Grant Donovan was interviewed about the nature of wellness orgasms, my 700 e-newsletters, and Several of life’s nagging questions affect quality of life, including health and happiness.

Below are the following questions posed to Dr. Donovan and his responses.

DON: What are wellness orgasms (WO)?

DONOVAN: Wellness orgasms aren’t really things, but rather, the term is a metaphor that promotes REAL wellness thinking. It is designed to help move the wellness conversation away from disease prevention and closer to the REAL wellness concepts that are so eloquently explored in our book and all of his later writing.

DON: What do you realistically hope to achieve in this endeavor?

DONOVAN: Nothing. The world and everything that happens within it has no inherent meaning, just like WO. But, since chance has us sitting on the third rock from the sun, with nowhere to go, then helping others with fun, rational thinking seems like a great way to fill up our time. The world can only be a better place for the hapless billions if they enjoy orgasm every day, free from gods and dictators, with a full stomach, engaging in interesting activities, and immersing themselves in communities of rational thought.

DON: Are there enough people out there who can come forward and testify for WO if they are somehow led to the altar by their WO masterpiece and its liberating concepts that trigger REAL wellness mindsets and lifestyles?

DONOVAN: No, the fundamentalist McDonalization of the world leaves very few rational thinkers available. Furthermore, we lack an altar or any attractive sacrificial structure.

DON: What has been your almost unique experience (shared perhaps only by Bill Hettler, Judd Allen, Bill Gaertner, my wife Carol and my daughter Jeanne and my son Jon, and possibly John Travis) of having read all 74 print editions and 700 Electronic ARDELL WELLNESS REPORTS? contributed to your bright personality, mental sharpness, liberation of spirituality and wonderful sense of humor?

DONOVAN: AWR has been my bible since 1984. Who knows what channeling influence your thoughts have had on my development over the past 31 years? I’m not sure, but it was a lot of fun.

DONWhat will your priorities be if, as a result of this book, you are asked to lead Australia and the Western world?

DONOVAN: Treat everyone well, involve them in the decisions that affect their lives and empower them to execute their decisions. Oh, and introduce a tax on religion.

Well done, good wishes, and thank you for considering this tip.


Note: “Wellness Orgasms: The Fun Way to Live Well and Die Healthy” is available on in paperback ($ 10.70) and Kindle ($ 2.99) editions.