How to build an online business around your passion with eCommerce

I’ve been in online business for over 10 years, and in that time I’ve built many businesses in various niches, including of course e-commerce, Clickbank, and e-book writing. First, because? Well, I learned from the Great Richard Branson and others that in order to have security and stability in your business you must have multiple freelance businesses so that you have the power to earn even if one or two are not beginners.

What is the biggest mistake people make?

It is easy. They try everything and are not good at anything.

You need to master an area first and I suggest e-commerce simply because it’s easy to start a business on e-Bay or another auction site since you don’t need to create targeted traffic. Everyone is looking at e-Bay and other sites like Amazon, so all you need to do is position yourself in a niche that you are passionate about and then beat your competition. It sounds easy in theory, but there is a lot of hard work involved.

Online businesses around your passion with e-commerce

If you already have a job, then you know what hard work is, so it won’t surprise you that you have to work to build dreams. Since I have built many successful online businesses, I decided to start teaching others what to do. I take great pleasure in seeing success in others, and it really is a no-brainer today to start an online business around your passion with e-commerce, because look at the economy. It’s a mess and now is a good time to become self-sufficient. Not only can you create one highly successful online eCommerce store, for example, but you can also create several and decide which niche works best for you.

Sounds like too much hard work?

Well, anything worth having is worth working for, and in our information age, it truly is a golden time to take advantage of virtual businesses and online shopping.

The time is now just look around you. Stores are closing because the rent is too high, so many well-known businesses are going online. Starting an online business around your passion with eCommerce is hands down the easiest way to start your own business. THE ENTIRE WORLD is looking there and so can capitalize and take advantage of this information age. Build a virtual business and position yourself above your competition.

The tips would be:





Now, I know that these areas will change your life since I have used them. Think about it, you can retire one day without a thank you from your company and that is if you still have a job in a year, OR you can build something for your and your children’s future. Where I live In Bristol we have a huge shopping center and a lot of shops have just disappeared.

I have seen a great change and what this means for you and me.

Imagine the opportunity to follow your passions and think about the areas in which you would love to work. My advice would be to look at the things you love and build an eCommerce store around them. What are your passions? What are the areas you would like to explore? Not only that, but what things do you see that need improvement? Look around your house, what could be better and what makes you nervous?

These are all areas to start an online business around your passion with eCommerce. Also innovation and improvement of products.

I bet you can now, you don’t need to come up with a brilliant new idea, you just need to see where there are gaps. Room for improvement and niches on e-Bay and Amazon that need your ideas.

Once I started seeing success, I decided to help others follow their passions in life. Let me tell you, this is very rewarding. Now I have time to train others and create courses to help people, not to mention create more music, which is what I love to do. So you can really create anything and it doesn’t have to be complicated at all.

I hope you can see that e-commerce alone is a massive online business area that needs to be taken advantage of. And if you need help, get it. We all need help sometimes to push ourselves to be really great.