How to arouse women with ‘accidental’ physical contact

When you interact with an attractive woman that you want to sleep with, you should touch her and make physical contact as soon as you can. Sex is a physical activity and you must show him that you are a physical and sexual man who is used to and comfortable with touching the bodies of attractive women.

You want to communicate that you are a tactile type of person who makes physical contact easily and naturally with friends and girlfriends. This will help turn her on and ensure that you don’t end up in the dreaded friend zone.

You need to make physical contact early, but that doesn’t mean you need to make abrupt, grabbing or lunging movements – that will only scare her. What you should do instead is make innocent and seemingly inadvertent physical contact, and in all cases it should be done in a gentle and natural way.

You can make inadvertent physical contact by ‘accidentally’ bumping into her while you walk or by gently tapping your hands or legs against hers while slapping her hands or moving your feet in time to the music. What is vital here is that you never look at the part of her body that you are touching. Remember, this physical contact is supposed to be accidental.

It is also vital that you never back off from any physical contact with a woman, or shyly withdraw your hand, etc., afterward. Let her know that you are used to physical contact, and this means that you are comfortable touching her, whether deliberately or accidentally. If necessary, train with practice not to back off after making physical contact with a woman’s body; it is absolutely vital that you master this.

Another seemingly innocent poignant tactic is to ask her to look at her watch, ring, or any jewelry on her wrist. This will naturally allow him to hold your hand or wrist.

Alternatively, ask her if she has soft hands or if she takes her pulse, which again gives you a genuine reason to hold her hand or wrist.

Take your hand and examine the watch, jewelry, or the smoothness of your skin, but do not hold your hand for longer than is naturally necessary to perform your exam. That would seem creepy.

If you know anything about palm reading, this is another great way to initiate physical contact. Additionally, women love spiritual topics like fortune telling and palm reading, and these topics generally provide great ways to establish a connection and relationship with women.

If he likes sports or exercises, ask him what he has: ask him to flex his biceps and feel how firm they are. I love girls who work out and I particularly love using this ruse to feel their arms.

Another form of natural physical contact is to hold her hand as you lead her through a crowded street or bar, or to put your hand protectively around her small back as you lead her.

Use hand gestures while talking to her and ‘accidentally’ (and lightly) touch her arms or breasts with the back of your hand.

In all cases, keep these movements smooth, and again you should never look at where you are playing. These touches have to appear accidental.

Be natural and make it look natural. You will turn her on and she will probably have no idea that you were planning this the whole time!

Now is your turn. The next time you’re with a woman you’re interested in, try some of these tactics to speed up physical contact. You will be surprised how quickly you can start to increase that sexual spark with seemingly innocent and light touches.