Friendship between Nandu and Vedant

Friendship between Nandu and Vedant

A small town surrounded by hills and green forests, simple and hardworking people who lead a simple life. The Sun, just waking up and pouring its rays over the body of velvety green earth, puncturing every part and hole in the earth, is warming the little seed so that it gets up and sees the beautiful world.

Mom, why is Gauri restless today? Why is he going down, is there something wrong with him? Vedant asks his Mother Meera anxiously. Yes, my son, she is in pain today, she is going to give birth to a calf at any moment. Meera said.

What? A calf is going to come to our house. Yes! I’m going to play with him. He runs around the town beating a toy drum with great happiness. He sits near the cattle barn waiting for the baby to be born, it was night and it was getting dark and there was still no sign of a baby. He falls asleep on the husk in the cattle barn.

Meera carefully takes him in her arms and places him on her bed, covers a sheet and leaves the room; even she is waiting for Gauri to give birth to a baby.

It was late at night when Meera hears Gauri mooing; she immediately wakes up her husband Raja.

Wake up; I think Gauri is in labor pains, we need to get to her. Meera wakes up her husband Raja from her.

Yes, come on, says Raja. They both run to the cattle barn.

Hears! A cute calf looks at how he is trying to stand on his own two feet. He is so adorable that Meera screams with joy. She gives some cattle feed to Gauri and puts a hand on the little calf very carefully, it is so sweet.

OK, Meera let’s go to sleep now, I have to get up early to go to the city, says Raja.
Meera reluctantly leaves the shed.

Wake up Vedant, a calf has been born, wake up now.

Meera calls Vedant, it’s early at 6 o’clock, but Vedant wants to sleep longer.

Ow mom! Let me sleep a while longer, Vedant pleads with her mother.

Look it’s a newborn calf you’ve been waiting for, get out of bed and look how cute it is.

Vedant jumps out of bed running towards the stable. What a nice scene, Gauri is feeding her little brood. Both Meera and Vedant stood still and enjoyed the little calf’s activity.

So Vedant what you have to do is name him, it’s your duty now.

OK, sure I will mom, he’s going to be my best friend, I’ll take care of him, says Vedant enthusiastically.

Vedant gets ready to go to school; he is excited to tell all of his friends about the calf.

He comes home early that day, throws his school bag against the door and runs to the barn to play with his new friend Nandu. Happy day passes Nandu is growing and also his friendship is getting stronger. Vedants avoids his friends from school and spends more time with Nandu.

One day, Vedant’s parents returned from the farm. His father washed his hands and legs and called Vedant. “Vedant, will you go to the next town tomorrow?” his father asks.

“Yes, but what is the reason?”

“Oh! Do you remember Mr. Naidu? He owes money, I’m supposed to pay him 5000 that I took for farming purposes. He had come to me at the farm and asked me for money.

Vedant asked “father, where will you get such a large quantity?”

His father replies, “Yes, we don’t have such a large quantity, that’s why I asked you to take our Gauri to his house.”

They were shocking words for Vedant, he asked, are you going to sell Gauri?

Father replies, Mr. Naidu, a very cruel person. He will throw away all the utensils in the house if he has not received his amount on the spot and abuse us.

There are tears in the eyes of the vedant, he asks, how will a child live without his mother? If you give away our Gauri to Mr. Naidu, how will Nandu survive? How do you not understand this that he talks more? He immediately runs to the kitchen and informs his mother, Mom, Dad is going to sell our Gauri. The mother is aware of everything, the fact that she tries to convince him.

The next morning, Vedant takes Gauri to the next town. When he unlocks Gauri, Nandu cries out loud, this creates pain in Vedant’s heart.

He begins to cry. He kept looking helplessly at Nandu, but he couldn’t do anything. Parents do not sell Gauri; that Mr. Naidu dispose of all our belongings. I won’t let Gauri go like this. He bursts into tears. Even Father doesn’t want to sell the lovely Gauri from her, but he can’t do anything to save her.

Vedant’s father hardens his heart and brings Gauri to Mr. Naidu, Nandu cries loudly and Vedant too.

Three days passed, Vedant did not want to eat his food. He just keeps crying. Nandu doesn’t eat his food either.

One day, Vedant’s friends come running to him and tell him that there is an animal fair in our town, we are all going to take our cattle and decorate them. Vedant jumps for joy and replies: Even I am going to take my Nandu to the fair.

Vedant gradually forgets about Gauri, he was now busy at Nandu. He was more determined on the accessories that he would need to decorate Nandu. He opens his piggy bank and counts the amount, but he doesn’t reach the money.

Meanwhile, his mother returns from the farm. She asks her mom, “Would you lend me some money?”

What is the need for money, he asked his mother. She tells the whole story and asks for some money that was missing.

“Okay, I’ll lend you some,” his mother replies.

Vedant was very happy; he went to the market with his friends to buy the accessories he needed for Nandu to decorate.

It was a day when Vedant and Nandu were enjoying the fair; they had a great time and returned home late at night. Mom was at the door waiting for them to arrive and she could see that they both came back happy, she knew they were very happy.

After two days, Raghu, the friend of Vedant’s father, came to his house and asked for the money that Vedant’s father had given him.

Vedant’s father wasn’t ready to pay him back right away, so Raghu asked to sell him Nandu, but his father enthusiastically said NO.

Raghu was very angry, he tried to take Nandu with him by force, but Nandu did not move from that place. He would cry quite loudly and call Vedant for help.

This time, Vedant was very angry because he could not tolerate Raghu’s action. His mother takes him by the hand and pulls him into the house and after some time, Vedant comes out with a stick and showers on Raghu, his mother also joins him.

For Raghu it was like unexpected and he tries to escape from being hit, he escapes and never comes back.

Vedant and Nandu return to their home.