Find out the truth about the tie lie – Caution, this is a no strings attached zone!

The big lie about the tie is that to look professional, a person must wear a tie. I am sorry I disagree; Always, for as long as I can remember, I thought ties were the least professional thing I’ve ever seen someone wear. The tie really serves no other purpose than that of a mini bib to cover the shirt between the opening of a jacket. Common sense and basic survival instincts should keep the tie from being a part of anyone’s appeal – it’s actually a rope. The tie is actually women’s revenge on men for those hideous corsets, underwired bras, and high heels. All a woman had to say was “that looks great on you” and the men agreed, which led us to where we are today with the tradition of the tie.

There are medical reasons to avoid and outright prohibit the wearing of ties in today’s society. First, consider how blood flows to the brain, through the carotid arteries from the heart and up the neck to the head. A tie can put enough pressure on these arteries to restrict and limit the flow of oxygen that carries blood to the brain. The heart has to increase its blood pressure to compensate for the restriction in blood flow caused by the tie. Without a sufficient amount of oxygenated blood to fuel the brain, people tend to get dizzy and do not have the ability to think clearly, their logical reasoning skills are effectively turned off. Respiration is also affected by the restrictions placed on the neck, which reduces the amount of oxygen to the lungs and further limits the amount of oxygen that the blood will carry. Take the members of the congress, for example, how many of them spend most of the day wearing ties and what are the results that have been coming out of the congress these days. This is also the reason why women tend to be more balanced and more clear thinking; they do not restrict the flow of blood to their brains with a piece of cloth tied around the neck.

I challenge everyone who has ties as part of their daily appeal to take a week off and see how much better they feel and how much more productive they become. Especially all of you politicians, you have the will of the people and the Constitution of the United States to defend. Politicians cannot afford to limit the blood flow to their brains, when they do; nothing is done, as is evident from the members of Congress who are currently seated. Take off your ties, I tell him, and discover the sensation of rich oxygenated blood flowing freely into your brain, re-activating your logical reasoning skills.

Observe a medical professional who cares for a person who loses consciousness and you will notice that the first thing they do is loosen or remove a tie from the victim and check their airways and verify that the blood is circulating correctly. So unless you wear ties to keep your head from dropping or tilting one way or another, take off your tie and put it away. There is no logical reason to tie a rope around your neck and it makes you look ridiculous, not just to me but to millions of people. Make Congress and Wherever You Work Into an “Exclusion Zone”! Start a petition and make your workplace a safer and more productive place by being the first to end the lie that ties are professional, because they are not, they are a health hazard and should be avoided at all costs. Join me in letting everyone know the truth about the ridiculous tradition that has made men less productive and unable to think to their fullest potential.

Tie ban!

Avoid lying, take off your tie!

Caution: This is an exclusion zone!

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