Contrary to what you may believe based on what you have been told, fever is not a disease, but a cure!

Fever is the body’s attempt to heal itself by using heat to eliminate it through perspiration. Fever uses the body’s skin and perspiration function to remove toxins from the body through the skin.

From a medical point of view, fever is a rise in body temperature. The natural temperature of the human body is 98.6 degrees. A body temperature above 100.4ÂșC is considered pathological, medically speaking.

We should welcome the fever with open arms! The problem most of us do is that when there is a fever we automatically assume something is wrong and run to the butcher’s office, oops, I mean the “doctor’s office.”

And what does the good doctor give us? Answer: POISON (euphemistically called “drugs” or “medicine”). And what does this poison (drug, medicine) do? Answer: STOP THE FEVER! Stopping the fever is stopping the healing.

You never want to interfere with or work against a fever. It is much more prudent to work with a fever and not against it. To work against fever is to work recklessly against Nature and the Intelligence of the Body. Working against the Nature and Intelligence of the Body is gradual suicide because working against the Nature and Intelligence of the Body is working against oneself, which is clearly unwise.

Suppressing fever means keeping toxins in the body. Toxins do not belong in the body. That is why it has an elimination system that consists of organs of elimination such as the colon, kidneys, lungs, and liver. The skin and female vagina also serve as elimination channels, so the body will also use the skin and vagina for healing purposes (but people will also mistake vaginal and skin healing crisis for illness and disease and run to the doctor for a poison to stop healing through these organs).

You don’t really have to do anything when there is a fever, except get some rest and drink some water. Remember, your body (Body Intelligence) is in charge.

Most fevers bring with them a period of natural fasting, so the appetite usually disappears when the fever appears.

You can work with a fever naturally when you have the proper knowledge. You want to help the fever go away naturally, not stop it (although the fever does not need help to do so). Basically, with the right knowledge you can accelerate a fever.

Cold baths are ideal when there is a fever. Always bathe in cold or lukewarm water. Add a box of sea salt, as sea salt helps dissolve negative energy (which is released when the body is cleansing itself).

You can add essential oils of Peppermint and / or Ginger to the bath to ease the fever. Whole ginger root or ginger root tea bags can also be added to the bath. Ginger is the best thing to use for fever relief.

You can also take a warm to hot bath, which will hasten relief from a fever due to the heat involved. It is still a good idea to add ginger root to the bath.

An ice pack or cold towel can be applied to the head during fever.

Good herbs to drink (in tea form) include ginger root, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and cloves. All of these herbs induce perspiration. They are also warm but refreshing herbs. They warm you up first before cooling you down.

When you have a fever, be sure to sleep with the window open so that the cool natural night breeze can come in through the window and help cool you down.

Should I bring a lot of thick clothing to bed to help induce heat and relieve fever? Answer: You can if you want. Or you can let it break on its own. It really is up to you as all the methods help. Whether you naturally cool the body or warm it up, you are working with the fever and not against it.

The worst thing a person can do to treat a fever is to take medicine to stop it. Stopping the fever only prepares you for the fever to return later. Fever simply denotes healing and healing should never be postponed or delayed or interfered with. The fever breaks naturally at 104 or 105 degrees if you don’t interfere with it by stopping it prematurely.

Metaphysically speaking, fever denotes anger. Anger causes heat and heat is present during fever; that’s why the body temperature increases.

So learn to “relax” and not “sweat” things that make you “boil” emotionally. Don’t let the things of life “heat up” you. As the title of a book says: “Don’t worry about the little things in life.” I might add, don’t even worry about big or moderate-sized things. At the end of the day, when you keep things positive, everything always works out fine anyway. It all comes down to a choice and there is a right choice and a wrong choice. That’s it! Just a CHOICE! As stated in the Jim Carey movie “Number 23”, there is no fate or destiny, only options.

Choices mean that life is in your hands. While you may want to hand this over to a figure of God (thanks to successful religious programming and indoctrination), the reality is that you create and create your own destiny and destiny through the decisions you make based on the thoughts you make. think.

Spiritually conscious and mature responsible people know that their lives are in their own hands and irresponsible, spiritually unconscious and immature people (also known as religious people, common people) believe that their lives are exclusively in the hand of God and that they do not they have absolutely nothing. say it or have power over their lives. They believe that their fate is sealed and nothing can be done about it.

Your life is what you do with it! Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions (feelings) and attitude (good or bad) shape and create your destiny, destiny and reality, and this has always been the simple secret of the Universe and always will be.

Thank you for reading!

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