California Motorcycle Lemon Law

Buying a motorcycle can be a really exciting feeling. But your new vehicle can quickly go from a beautiful dream to a nightmare if you are immediately faced with repeated mechanical problems, safety issues, and repairs. After repeated attempts to repair it, he finally gives up and concludes that he bought a faulty vehicle. This is often called “lemon.” The next question that comes up after that is “Will I get my money back?” Don’t worry, there are special lemon laws in every state, including California. If you live in this sunny state and have unfortunately come to the conclusion that you bought a lemon motorcycle, read the following paragraphs.

First of all, you should know that there are many “lemon” attorneys in California and they are more than willing to help you solve your case.

California lemon law covers motorcycles. However, the law that covers motorcycles, trailers, and boats is slightly different than the law that covers automobiles. Under the California Lemon Law, motorcycles are covered by section 1793.2 (d) (1) of the Civil Code, which covers “consumer goods.” The lemon law covers consumer goods with a written guarantee.

To qualify as a lemon, the motorcycle must undergo a reasonable number of repair attempts. If the problem (s) persist, then we have a lemon. Keep notes of all repair attempts and collect all repair invoices. Then provide all the documents to the manufacturer or distributor and request the buyback.

Additionally, covered defects for consumer products need not “substantially alter the use, value or safety” of the product. The legislation was designed with the safety of the cyclist in mind. And even seemingly minor defects qualify a motorcycle for buyback. Lemon law claims involving motorcycles are stronger and easier to handle than auto claims, due to the nature of the product and strong safety concerns.

As we said before, it is essential to keep track of all documents, notes and invoices. It is also important not to waste time. You can only report a lemon within a certain period of time after you have purchased the motorcycle, and only before your odometer reaches a certain number of miles.

It is recommended to seek a lemon law attorney when faced with such problems. The California Lemon Law requires the manufacturer to pay their attorney’s fees. Motorcycle Lemon Law is a highly specialized area of ​​law that requires the experience and expertise of a specialized attorney.