Bedtime! Right now!

I watch my kids every night wanting to do it and even trying to stay up later, but the bottom line is that they shouldn’t and therefore don’t. My wife and I make sure they don’t stay up too late. Now, on the other side of this coin, I also notice that most nights my wife and I want to and even try to go to bed earlier, but we shouldn’t because of all the things we still have to do as parents. In the end, we don’t get what we want either, which is to go to bed earlier. Ironically, both the older and the younger pursue opposing needs, and neither usually gets what he wants. This is life. So, let’s put them to bed, okay?

However, some children are not put to bed by their parents and end up exhausted during the school day. These are the kids with their heads down at their desks. Unfortunately, their grades are low and school is not a place they like because their teachers keep trying to wake them up when all they really want is to go back to sleep.

To my tired students I say that they must force themselves to get up early and then force themselves to work hard all day at school and at home so that sleep is not so difficult at night, but rather easier so that they can be better. remained. I feel like this is great advice for our kids who stay up really late, but I also know that our kids are still just kids and still need our help. So, up to that point, parents, please join me in calling out loud and clear for all children to listen…BED TIME!

Now, as my grandfather always said, “Go learn, lead and pave the way to a better world for all of us.” Let’s remember that our children’s youth will make them want to stay up later, and our years in this game combined with wisdom should persuade us to put them to bed. So let’s get them to bed! And once again, parents, thank you in advance for all that you do and for all that you will do…