5 unusual ways to improve poor signal reception

Poor cell phone signal reception is never appreciated. Nobody likes signal bars missing from a phone screen. You may have suffered from this problem at some point in your life.

These problems have always existed and over the years people have come up with some unique and unusual home remedies for these problems. Here are 5 ways these astute individuals say they improve signal reception.

An old radio antenna

An old radio antenna could be a solution to your poor reception. They say all you need is an old radio antenna. This may seem absurd, but there are actually testimonials available on YouTube that guarantee results from using this technique. All you need to do is place a radio antenna near your cell phone and connect it to your cell phone’s external antenna using copper wire.

Tesla Coils

It is an electrical resonant transformer circuit that can help you improve your cell phone reception. All you need is a small piece of tesla coil and masking tape. You can tie the tape around your cell phone antenna and then use the tape to make sure it stays there. (i.e. if you can actually find the antenna on your phone …)

Paper clip

This is one of the simplest methods to improve reception. A paper clip is available in almost every office. All you need to do is take a paper clip and fix it on your phone’s external antenna. Attention should be paid when doing so as paper clips can damage your cell phone screen or case. Duct tape can be used to tie the clip with your cell phone. (This was also featured by the guy with duct tape on his glasses)

Empty cans

Now you will never throw away those empty cans as they can recover from your poor signal reception. This is one of the most absurd ways, but it actually works like magic. All you need are two empty cans, a cutter, some copper wire, and a soldering iron.

The steps

1. Wash cans properly so there is no residue.

2. Cut the end of either of the cans correctly all the way where there is no opening, and then join the two cans together by welding them together.

3. Punch a hole in any of the cans and put the copper wire inside and make sure it stays well. Now attach the other end of the cable to your cell phone’s external antenna, and voila!

Here are the simple steps of using empty cans to improve your signal reception. There are many variations of the method available and some even include the option of making small propellers out of the cans to decorate them.

Insulated wire

This is again one of the cheapest methods. All you need is 20 cm of insulated wire. Strip both sides of the wire (about 1cm each) and twist around half of the wire onto a stick to give you those circles. Now that your antenna is ready, you need to attach it to your cell phone’s external antenna and you’re done.

Enjoy these cheap and easy methods and say goodbye to poor signal reception. Or you can really boost your cell’s weak signals with proven signal boosters that are very affordable, much more effective, and will do much less damage to your expensive wireless devices.